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Our Direct Sales & Network Marketing Training Academy is Perfect If You Are:
Brand New  
-  Frustrated   Stagnate  -  Top Leader

"If You Build The People, the People Will Build the Business, The Nation and the World"

World Class Personal Development, Sales & Marketing Training 
Stephen Gregg
The Mentor for the Masses

Also Included Inside 

Over 60 Hours of Network Marketing Skill Building Training

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  •  "Your Big Why" - You must have a "BIG WHY" to stay FOCUSED - You need a why big enough that will make you cry.
  •  "Know - What" - You must LEARN what to say to get people to WANT to work with you. 
  •  "Know - How" - You must LEARN the right words to say to ATTRACT your ideal prospects.
  • ​ "Invest in YOU" - You must be willing to INVEST in the MOST IMPORTANT ASSET you own.... YOURSELF!

Our Mission, Vision and Goal

Our Mission is to educate, encourage and coach visionary entrepreneurs, self employed individuals and people worldwide to increase their confidence, develop professional sales & marketing skills and create online sales systems so they can generate a substantial income in any economy to become valuable, productive  contributors in the world.

Our Vision is to inspire men, women and teens throughout the world to go from the ordinary to the extraordinary by developing the I CAN mindset vs. the I CAN'T attitude.  

We will show people worldwide that dreams develop in the minds of men, women and children and when we build the mind the dreams follow. We will Inspire you to DREAM BIG and empower you with the skills to achieve them.

Our Goal is to the show the world that the that the challenging times we live in today does not have to create Division, Disorganization, Racism, Poverty, Violence and Crime but that within your inner-self there is an Inner-Prize.

If you have a Knowledge, a Talent or Skill that you want to
share with the world...

We would love to hear from you.
Come Join Our Mission

Epic Real Estate

Matt runs a multi-million dollar real estate investment business. He attributes his biggest year of personal growth to his training and coaching he took with Stephen Gregg.

Sunrider International

30 year experienced network marketing top leader went through Stephen's 9 hour training.
He will explain to you why he brought Stephen in to help  
build his business.


Nigel hired Stephen to help produce the entire training system for the company.
Just in a few short months, they saw an increase of production and motivation from the field. 

What You Will Learn With Your Membership

  • Training: Direct Sales, Online and Offline Lead Generation & Marketing Techniques
  • Funnels: How to Build Profitable Lead Generation and Sales Funnels
  • Email: Email Marketing Training - Strategies on How to Build Your Marketing List
  • Tools:  How to use the Most Effective Tools for Network Marketers
  • ​Fast Track:  How to Get Your Business Off To a Fast Start
  • Goals:  How to Set Effective Goals & How to Achieve Them
  • Mindset: ​​How to Develop a Winning, 6 & 7 Figure Mindset
  • Foundation: How to Build Your Business Foundation
  • FOCUS: ​How to Focus on the Correct Money Making Activities
  • Fear:  How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety 
  • ​​Niche: Fastest Path to Cash – Generating Leads – Defining Your Niche
  • Invitations:  ​How to Effectively Contact and Invite new Prospects
  • ​​ ​​​Networking: How to Develop Your Online and Offline Networking Skills
  • ​Events:  How to Promote to Events the Right Way and Get Prospects to Show Up
  • ​Communication:  ​How to Improve Your Communication, Sales and Closing Skills
  • ​Fast Start:  How to Get Your New Distributors or Sales Team Started Fast
  • Closing: How to Effectively Close and Get Your Prospects to Take Action Now
  • ​Referrals: How to Ask for Referrals and Get Them Virtually Every Time
  • Accountability: How to Hold Yourself & Your Team Accountable to Achieve Results.​


Stephen has mentored, trained and coached over 20,000 sales professionals, business leaders and network marketers over the last 20 years from many different companies.


See What Others Have Said About Stephen Gregg's Training!

"If you are struggling and you want to have more success in your life, This Academy is going to be a game changer, save you years of time and change your life!"
Hi, I'm Stephen Gregg
"The Mentor for the Masses"
Stephen’s skills in Sales and Networking training are unmatched in the direct sales industry. His diverse background along with over 31 years of experience give him the ability to help you increase your sales faster than you thought possible. 

Stephen has the unique ability to look at a person or a sales organization, see the weaknesses and give you the exact formula and techniques to solve the problems to increase sales and build a team.

Since Stephen started so far back on the success ladder, he has the ability to take anyone and help them overcome their fears, increase their personal confidence and grow into a sales superstar. 
"When you get involved in this training, you will know exactly what to do to grow a business to 7 figures or more within 24 months."


Your Success is a Decision Away


Real People - Real Results

“Stephen Gregg is the REAL DEAL. His vast business experience and knowledge base in the industry of sales and network marketing makes him a highly sought after trainer. Stephen is masterful in his down to earth training style that leverages his ability to share real life experiences.
I have gone through 30+ of Stephen’s training and every single time I walked out inspired, with fresh insights, new skills and useful tools to immediately implement in my business.”


"Hello my name is Linda Mann-Sims and I am a member of the Business Sales Accelerator Academy. I am so impressed with the training of this academy that I have my whole team on it, too.
This training is the best at making it all so simple to learn, understand and follow along. Stephen makes it seem like its not learning but sharing this together. I have really got excited about learning new ways to talk to people and have confidence in myself.

My whole team is enjoying learning together and are anxious to use this training in their businesses too. We do these classes individually then once a week we do a team discussion on them. It has really helped us plus getting us closer as a team. "
Thank you Stephen for this learning academy!!


Hi Stephen , my name is Pierre Gärd and I live in Sweden.

I have been in network marketing for 20 years now in ACN and Kyäni and this is by far the best material I ever have seen, and the way you present it is very easy to follow so it will be very easy to duplicate.

I’m going through your training with my new company for the moment with 5 of my leaders here in Sweden and more is on the way to start right now.

We just love the training and we will start to use it for our team in the future.


"I promised myself I would never even look at another networking company again. But that was until rNetwork came along AND I was exposed to your training. Yes, I've grown a lot in 20 years, but there was something about how YOU made me think... and believe in myself... and try. It's not that I wasn't able to talk to strangers (my husband says I can make friends with burlap. LOL)

But your training showed me a way to do things, start conversations, and build relationships in a way I'd never experienced before. I used to think I was afraid of failure - and that's what kept me stagnant. But what you made me realize is that I was afraid of success.

I'm a 62 year old work in progress. I haven't "arrived" - but I'm finally willing to move the boulder out of the road and reach for the stars. Thank you for being one of the gifts on the other side of the rock. "


Now is Your Time...